Branded Personalities manages your work activities: they develop a complete marketing plan and ensure its implementation. In addition, they see things from the point of view of the client so they really focus on what you want to achieve as a client, marketing wise. Creative and meticulous, always a quick response, working 24/7, never satisfied until it is 100% right and the client is 100% satisfied. I am more than 100% satisfied and can recommend a collaboration with Nancy to anyone! Branded Personalities is a company you can really trust, they are there and arrange everything for you, very professional while at the same time the partnership feels like a warm bath.
MKB Collectieven

Nancy Poleon is an entrepreneur who can’t help but inspire everyone with her catchy enthousiasm. Her unique view on personal branding helps you see opportunities you’ve never seen before and helps you create chances you once thought were impossible. Every young entrepreneur should be able to sit down with Nancy.
Zarayda Groenhart, tv-host and entrepreneur

Nancy is a hard-working and fun-loving professional. She has the unique ability to think out of the box and at the same time stay true to her client’s personalities.
Karin Amatmoekrim, author

What I most like about working with Nancy is that she’s honest. You’ll never hear her say anything to please you, because she really wants to help you so she tells it like it is. And this is what you need when you want to bring out the best in yourself and your work.
Lavalu, singer

Branded Personalities has helped me devise a PR plan which I then executed myself. This has helped me establish my name as a designer and I am still enjoying the benefits of it.
Thijs Smeets, product designer

“Nancy Poleon is someone with a lot of passion for her work and knowledge for business. When she takes on something she doesn’t do it with 100% but with 120%.
Jenny Lane, singer

Branded Personalities has helped me step up my game and I have seen the results in my career. Their vision on branding, strategy and planning make me work smarter and use my time more efficiently. I’m proud to call them my game changers.”
Buffi Duberman, English coach and author