We work with a diverse group of people and companies, all from different industries. We apply what we call ‘Rock n Roll marketing’ to every company and person we work with.

So what does it mean?

Rock n Roll marketing means there is no box, you tell your story, what sets you apart and how you connect to your audience in your distinctive way. Let us show you how to Rock n Roll.
From our experience artists are the best brand builders. They can distinguish themselves and build their brands with a lot of creativity and minimum budget. When this is done right they create enormous value to their fans.

What we aim to do with the companies we work for is combine our experience and expertise in non-traditional branding. This means implementing marketing (shaping who you are) and communications (the messages you would like to be received) so that we can provide solutions to connect brands with their target audience.

Branded Personalities is dedicated to assist companies by bringing out their brand values, brand personality, benefits, brand essence and by doing this we help them position the brand.
Through our Rock 'n Roll marketing approach we help you determine what you want to communicate and what you want people to focus on with regards to your business.  

Branded Personalities' communication activities include devising your communication strategy and message, excuting this through PR and marketing activities, and helping you create the right marketing tools. Our communication activities vary from contacting media, activiting promotions, connecting with the right partners, through setting up events as showcases for your brand are always focused on helping you build your brand.
To really stand out from the crowd you need to know what you want to be known for. What do you want people to say about you? We create longterm campaigns that help you build your personal brand. These are Branded Personalities' branding coaching sessions, which are one on one sessions.

The sessions not only include determining what you want to stand for as a brand and who you are but also include making a roadmap of where you want to go with your personal brand. In 4 sessions we help you determine your personal brand. Especially for career women we have devised a unique personal branding program called BrandedU. More information about BrandedU can be found here.

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